The notes and posts included in this blog are the results of Planning Committee meetings for the development of the new Middle School/High School for Hammond project. These posts represent the work-in-progress, and document the discussions.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Comments and response

Exactly where is the new building going to be built?

The new building will be constructed on the same site as the current Hammond High School.  The footprint and exact position are still being determined through the design process.  When complete, the current Hammond High School will be removed.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Comments and responses

Below are comments recently received regarding the project, with responses:

  • Will Skillman or Schmidt be choosing a kitchen/cafeteria design consultant? Is there a particular kitchen consultant that they usually use?
    • Yes, we will be engaging a Kitchen Consultant to assist in the design of the food service area.  We would want to discuss options for the consultant with the School City of Hammond Food and Nutrition Department to get their input and advice.
  • How much input will the SCH food & nutrition department have in the say of the design and things like equipment choices?
    • SCH Food and Nutrition Department is the client and the final design will reflect the school corporation’s input and operational goals.  This would include layout as well as equipment.

  • Who is going to decide on the cafeteria design?  Multiple different stations seems to be very popular now for cafeterias
    • The School City of Hammond will make the ultimate decisions on the design of the cafeteria.  We will study and evaluate numerous options for set up, food delivery, and points of purchase.
  • What is the estimated number of students SCH is expecting to attend this school?
    • The current population projection for the new school is between 1,600 and 1,800 students in grades 6 through 12.  We are currently exploring options to differentiate the middle and high school zones within the school.  This may affect the cafeteria and serving areas.
  • Will the school colors remain the same or are they going to change?
    • That is an excellent question……for which we don’t have an answer.